V!n$ynt - "breakdowns & breakthroughs" s2:e4

My first experience of heartbreak didn't even come from the hands of a lover
Came from the love for a father before seeing him put his hands on your mother
Came from me losing a cousin who more than a cousin
Was more like a brother
From one of your day ones killing himself after killing his own baby mother
Guess we let evil amongst us
Wipe away most of our morals and virtues
So many losses and deaths
Most at the hands of the ones in your circle
Carry the burden of secrets that's weighing so heavy after a fortune
Seeing the pain and regret deep in her eyes after abortion
Living so reckless and free noone had taught us a thing about caution
Sadly we learned. from the mistakes of the homies laid up in a coffin
I was just tryin ta get my feet wet quickly it turnt to a flood
That had me knee deep up in the mud
Surrounded by all of these thugs

No more rain eternal sunshine of a spotless mind
Convenient amnesia the reason the pain is leaving so sublime
Meanwhile she wallow in the sorrow
Don't give a fuck bout tomorrow cuz her insides feeling hollow
Drowning it all in a bottle
Swallowing pill after pill in search of a thrill steady twisting the throttle
In the given moment and the given time she could care less that its borrowed
He could care less if she sorrowed too busy wit models on IG he followed
The second yall broke up he woke up in all them DMS got u baffled and boggled
Couldn't imagined all of this would happen break up badly in dramatic fashion
Broken hearted got you torn to pieces like the windows of his car u smashing

Writers: Vincent Settles

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