Frxnk lean & glacier boy - Bag chasers (feat. dizzer)

Bitch, young nigga out
Ask your whole gang, I'm not dumb
I'mma keep fuckin ain' no feelings on ma side
I'mma do it all ain' showin no love
Bitch I'm nasty, Ain't no candy
Feel like trappin, Illusion daddy
Hoes are plenty, That's ma plan shit
Your pics look grainy, ain't romantic
First time meetin on you, I'm like "uuu''
Second time I be like let's get in the room
Third time crazy lookin for another move
Now I gotta work, gotta go to the stu..
Stop makin vibe with a bitch it ain' cool
Came up with the vision I don' even gotta lose
Shit got loose loose ay
Life is a trap and I'm kinda delusional
I'm always in auto I'm never on neutral
She told me she hates me the feeling is mutual
We finna drop and take off like we seasonal
Chasing the bag we finna get rich
I'm signing a deal in the dark with a bitch
Man I've been sober been clean as a bottle of bleach
That shit should prove I'm legit
I'm kinda sceptic alot going on
Decepitating I'm losing control
Been reminiscing about bitches that left
They left me all Grand I ain't doing no Theft
Man I'm in love while I'm chasing the bag
Selling narcotics for some extra cash
Few days ago I was chased by the feds
They ain't catch me though now I'm bright as a lamp
I'm chasing my dream ion care bout corona
Insomnia been blowing on me like ebola
This covid making me slower
I'm only 19 gimme 10 imma hop in a rover
Straightning this game like a ruler
These rappers be scams living fake but I shout hallelujah
As a youngin i was popping to Luther my mind at the state
Dreams be bigger than medusa
Yeah like Medusa
Juss tryna play me you'll lose your medula
Don't do no Spanish I ain't penisula
Busy connecting like a flippin router
Yeah yeah yeah
All day nigga trust me I'm gang
Lil bitch I'm gang I ain't finna play fair
I aint finna play fair
You say that you love me and keep it at that
If I said it, I meant it lil bitch
I am not takin it back
I only got love for my cup & the paper
I can't get attached
Dont be talkin shit if you around me
Lil nigga, you gon get attacked
Yea yea
Haven't been sober in a minute
I feel like Popeye
Hit me with the spinach
I would rather cop not rent it
Gavin Rajah my fit
With Frxnk Lean from King Willy
5605 Lil nigga dont be silly
I'm finna bounce back, keep the pity
Keep the fake love if you not rockin with us
RO, DEG, my niggas
Had to show the principal he can't fuck with us
Nigga we the wave, you can't dismiss us
Fuck with the opp
Bitch you can't be with us
Cannot be playin the middle man
I'm Captain Hook to your Peter Pan
I cannot fuck with the drama man
I only do it because I can
Don't give a fuck what these bitches gon think
Don't ask me bout lean if you aint gonna drink
A knife to your throat
You better not blink
Now tell me, you ever got blood on your fists?
I've seen niggas take a hit and catch a fit
I've seen niggas risk it all for a bitch
I know niggas who fucken died cause of beef
Imma teach you a lesson nigga take a seat
If Glacier on it, whatchu frontin fo?

Writers: Bongo Camagu , Tando Fumba , Unathi Nano

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