W.e.s.m.o - Blammo

Walk in this bitch like blammo
Showing no weakness to a Lambo
Bullet proof wish but i cant doe
Imma sighn of respect and the chant cold
Whats the word now a dayz for ur manz bro
Missin niggaz missin mink missin zando
In the city day dreaming coppin pantones
Now a days wanna smoke and relax low
I need me a wallet
Oh shit but ill lose it
Assuming i'm stupid?
Then u must b cupid
Someone who shoot shit
A pump wit the boom sticks
Nothing is valid
Cuz People abuse shit
Always a choice
U gotta choose it
Do u gotta heart
Or the influnce
U got the drip
Or r u the truest
all for the bag
Or just for movement
If i say spitting then
How Will chew it
A man with the plan
Or r u Clueless
Ru Aware of the timing like
Injustice has surfaced the Census
In tune to the moment Momentous
At times i come off Defenseless
Now niggaz off bat get insensitive
Niggaz comin off the bat as insensative
Im in the room Waiting for Accention bitch
I never asked for this
cuz I work to flex
I work to play, dont check my texts
Im blowing smoke don't need no press
I drop with the drip,
evaperations next
Seems like Evacuate poetic
Cant tell if to edit my aesthetic
Im in the senate
Spittin for the minds on Chancler Bennet
Just living in the moment so i wont regret it

Writers: Desmond Rucker

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