D flacko - Forever freestyle

I been prayin' up to God 'til my time come
I been thinking to myself, "Where the time gone?"
But what I learned is that the fast life ain't all that
More racks, more of this, and more of that
I seen the pain gone, realized that the soul live forever
Just like a rainstorm, need the clouds to show you it get better
Can't let my guard down, don't think I came here to play
How you seen that I was hungry but ain't gave me a plate
How you seen that I weren't ballin' but continued to play
I started gettin' to that bag, seen the look on yo face
You start to say, I'ma fake, I'ma snake, you want a piece of cake
Boy, you best get out my face, 'for I put in you in ya place, huh
I just been prayin' for change
So I take care of that pain
And for the day that my time come, remember my name
I took a flight but ain't playin'
Playin' no games
I got my head above my shoulders, I ain't goin' insane
Just tryna rack up all these commas, and feed my momma
No more stretchin' dollars, ain't never met my father
It's a lot of mistakes that in my life I won't repeat
Won't repeat a lot of things that I said, but didn't mean
Didn't mean to make you mad, momma, or make you sad, momma
I ain't never had drama, but they stabbed me in my back, momma
And if you seen what I seen, maybe you'd understand
And when I seen 'em kill that man, I couldn't take a chance
I couldn't tell you that they did it, or I saw it, I was there
I couldn't tell nobody, I was only thirteen, it ain't fair


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