Fearofmakingout - Port

I see that you kicked up a dust storm
Barbasol the way you shaved off time with me
And I know that were young
Life flies by times five when were together I feel

You tend to like it when we lay low
Discoball you're spinning cause commotion I'm in your world
Your my Carole baskin in the sunlight

Run and hide evade my cries
Tell me what it's all about
Dance away
All the pain
Every story sounds the same

Doing too much talking
Feel like i waste the day
Celebrating minor success
Not getting paid
Eyes lower than stocks in 2008
Complain complain complain complain
What's more misleading the titles or facts
Who feels defeated the wife or the ****

Ive been overthinking like I always do
Like I always do

Writers: fearofmakingout , fearofmakingout duh

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