Fearofmakingout - Downsize

I hope you're hap living exactly in the way you wanted
Well all the plants and all the grass got our stains on it
I know for fact such a bad rap in all the way you see
Shake off the guilt make them feel better than they're treated
Make them feel better then they're treated

Better Feeling

When the days all done
And the leaves all dried to crisp
When my time comes
When my time comes

I hope your hap living exactly in the way you felt
So tired-so bothered I could almsot yell
Need to move my ass up up and out of desert hell
Throw all my chains down the wishing well

You're my light so all encompassing
I feel my stomach little rumblin
The leaves are brustling
My mind been tussling again and again
Whats new Whats new when the world is pretend

Greener on the other side
It's always greener on my side

Writers: fearofmakingout , fearofmakingout duh

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