Justalilcloudy - Messy room

I'm glad I called you my girl
Married those eyes that I called pearls
And an argument would always make my head swirl
Then id pass out as i knew my life was heading south
Sleeping the stress away
Keeping you in my mind
You made me feel like that I was winding you up in my heart
All the messages that I sent to you
But it never got delivered
Lay down in distress
Now I'm feeling better but I got alotta stress
Was I born to live my life alone?
I wanted to keep you off my mind
So I went unknown
It's like I swiped my card but it was declined
And i got a knife in my back
And I started not give a fuck and started to hack
My provider caught me red handed, but its just my luck man
My love life isn't the best
Some night i'd never get rest
Random sharp pains in the night
So I make an album and hope it hits platinum
VHS playing in the back
Stupid ass kids doin' drugs like a passion
And I'm tryna get you off my mind so I get a mansion
But I ain' usin' it, so fuck my actions
Messy room too dark to enter, turn on the lights it's a red room
Still hearin' your voice in my head
Askin' me if i wanna go to the moon
And without you on my side I just be feeling wrong I be feelin' dead
Thought I'd stay strong but I was wrong
Love scars and cigars playin' guitar
Starin' at the stars tryna find out which ones mars
Starin at the freeway tryna see who can find the nicest cars

Writers: David Hurt

Lyrics © DistroKid

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