Starfield - Beyond this door

Beyond this Door

Don't you see
that more than you could know or hope for
Lies beyond this door
Like a treasure buried deep it waits
To be discovered, waits to be released

Open up your heart
For just a moment let true freedom take its hold
And I promise you that what you'll find
Is more than what you've always preconceived

This life's not long
Like a breath it comes and goes
So un-gaurd your heart
Let these walls around you fall

If you could see beyond the here and now
I know that everything would change
But you're hard and scarred by what the past
Has made you into
Shaped what you believe

I know you've been failed
And I know that you've tried
It's always the same
Time and time again
But you have to know
That nobody else
Can stand in your place
and face the crowds

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