Starfield - Falling to my knees

Falling to My Knees

Through the fire and through the fight
Through the peril of the night
I will trust You for the promise
Spoken over me

There is nothing left to hide
This is my surrendered life
I left behind all else
To follow only You

I'm falling to my knees
I'm falling to my knees
My faith's becoming sight

For Your mercies are made new
Here Your joy is shimmering through
And I'm living for the promise
that my hope is found in You
You're my strength my only prayer
And all the world could not compare
With the wonders of Your great and mighty love

I am here to find Your peace
I've been looking for relief
I have come because
There's nothing left to satisfies

I'm so taken by Your touch
I could never have to much
And I won't stop till You
take me there to where you are

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