Starfield - Everything to me

Everything to Me

More than feelings and emotions
More than just a passing flame
I am tired of pretending
So tired of the games
More than going through the motions
More than all this compromise

More than proof of Your existence
More than trusting what I see
All I need to know for this life
Is that You're alive in me
More than answers to my questions
More than doubting needs resolve

I want You to be
Everything to me
Inside my thoughts
and through my life
I want to know Your peace

I want You to be
Everything to me
No rival throne
No equal love
No other to compete

More than living life in comfort
More than what You do for me
Would You teach me Lord to listen?
Would You draw me to my knees?
More than anything I lived for
More than all my hopes and dreams

Be all my hope
Be all my desire
May I be refined
Refined in Your fire
Lord all I want
And all that I need
Is for You to be everything to me

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