Starfield - Great is the lord

Artist : Starfield
Title : Great Is The Lord
Album: Beauty In The Broken
Verse 1:

If all I've done, at last should come to nothing.
And all I love, like sand be washed away,
Still I will sing, of Your unfailing glory.
On bended knee, I'll lift my voice and say.


Great is the Lord, Great is Your name,
Til my last breath, I will proclaim,
Great is the Lord, Great is Your name,
I give my life, to sing Your praise.

Verse 2:

If you should speak, or should remain in silence,
Should give me light, or lead me through the dark,
Whatever the cost, whatever joy or sorrow,
I'll worship still because of who You are.

When death becomes, the end of all my labours,
And Christ alone my rest and reward,
May all I've done, be one enduring echo,
Resounding on to shout, Great is the Lord.


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