Starfield - Captivate

Artist : Starfield
Title : Captivate
Album: Beauty In The Broken
Verse 1:

You say, strength is found weakness,
Peace in incompleteness, so why do I hold on?

Pre Chorus:

You look for a heart thats open,
For beauty in the broken,
So why am I withdrawn?
My soul's screaming out,
To be found in You.


Spirit, draw me to my knees.
Captivate all of me, all of me.
Here before You, honestly,
Captivate all of me, all of me.

Verse 2:

I'm so messy and distracted,
Undisciplined and tactless here on the inside.
I thought age would tell the secrets,
But the secrets are still secret.
And the years are passing by.

Pre Chorus

Teach me to wait in the moments of my need,
Teach me to hear the melodies of peace.


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