Starfield - Everything is beautiful

Verse 1:

Worn out, wasted, like a bird with broken wings.
Sometimes, grace reminds me,
I don't get to be the King.

Pre Chorus:

But love it washes over,
Love it pulls me closer.
Love it changes everything.


So everything is beautiful,
Even when the tears are falling,
I don't need a miracle to believe.
Even in the crashing down,
I can hear redemption calling,
And everything is beautiful to me.

Verse 2:

Sweetly, You release me,
from the weight of what I've done.
The trigger trips the hammer,
But the bullets never come.

Pre Chorus


And love is like a landslide,
Like the wind, spins around me,
pulls me in, at it's unveiling, I begin.

Writers: DOUGLAS KAINE MCKELVEY , Ed Cash , Tim Neufeld

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group , Songtrust Ave

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