Ex_ahli - Every living creative dies alone (outro)

I been on my own
Was you fake was you real
You was trusted with deals
I put meal in your plate before that deal in your hand
Before a label stole from the same niggas that had your back
Before a deal came between all of them records we made
The plans that we had
I don took you from the bottom on our way to the top
You betrayed me
Surrounded by people feeling alone again
Drug dealers and killers up in my phone again
Innocent Christian boy how the fuck I made it here
Innocent Christian Boy look up to the lord again
I been flipping through them bible pages
Reading, not smoking verses
Look up to the lord again
Hope that he forgive the kid
Hope that he don't leave on read
Hope that he reply the boy
Need it like I need a moan
Like a broke nigga need a loan
But I been on my own again
Hope that I don't die alone
I hope that I don't die alone
All I need it dialog
But every living creative gon die alone
I been on my own
I been feeling alone again
2020 vision is clearer
Been through a lot of betrayal
Been through a lot of tribulations
It just gives me revelation
Shout out to the real ones
Ya'll been holding it down
This was phase 2, look out for yourself
Because every living creative dies alone

Writers: Tinotenda Chinomona

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