South park mexican - Cool enough
Overige artiesten: J.c.

we had met through a friend and then
thought we be together to tha very end
my partners told me you was about that doe
but when they said it i was like
hell nooooooooooo
cuz i knew that you were so special
started seeing signs but i wouldnt let go
you complaing about my money cash note
said it was a what
a bit too loooow oh
you was trippin on my boys tahoe
and told me
why cant u be like that ballin niggaro

i loved u
i couldnt live without u
my life was all about u
and i wasnt just cool enough
now im back though
and rollin in my benzo
on 22 to renzo
and now u wanna call me up

do you recall tha trip to NYC
i spent all tha money that i made that week
48 hrs on my 9 to 5
no matter how i tried
your ass was never statisfied
now im back in town and drivin all slow
stop at tha light
and u joggin someones car
i knew right then it wouldnt be me
relationship was history
i just cant break my back for no watch HOE


high price hoochis
love that coochie
but i wont sit back
and let a broad use me
too much cash in my jeans left pocket
in tha vip blow kill with tha rockets
balla shot calla sippin alchola
dopehouse afterparty
everyone follow
dont trip
i got it real safe now days
6 police that be earning they pay
breakin up fights and shining they lights
take them all to jail until they learn to play nice
jose and my boy mario
bought a truck full of bud
we gonna party yoooooo



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