South Park Mexican - El Jugador

Mi querida, Centro America
Aqui en Houston ganando mi feria
En la esquina, La vida es fina
Le pido a Dios que me cuida mi niña
Mira, mi jale es la calle
Vendiendo libras que vienen del valle
Sin mi madre me entendiera
Mi familia va primera
Mi bandera era mi guerra
It's whateva, bustin on cualquiera
Quiero que sepas que yo soy la muerte
Si te escapas, sera pura suerte

Capish, understand the touch
Let a G show you how to turn a man to dust
L.A. to Nueva York es puro amor
For all who got love for el Jugador
Houston to Nuevo Leon
3 Bandidos on the microphone
Strike wit chrome, True crime family
Enemies pay, never die happily

Assault Rifles, Professional Snipers
Got my rivals shittin in they diapers
You don't like us, Cool, but don't show it
Who wanna fuck with this killa slash poet?
I blow it up like NitroGlycerine
You bitches love talkin out the pot you pissin in
Chill homes, cuz you ain't that hard
Fraud, flossin in your own backyard
I'm worldwide, in the 2-Tone pearl ride
Your girl hide in my seat when you pass by
That's my life Hater HeartBreaker
Life taker, Smile Now, Cry Later


I'm in the sport where we import what you snort
Leavin court, goin straight to the airport
I don't chase paper, paper chase me
Feds mad, kinda sad how I break free
Take heed to the roughneck tactics
I got you putos screamin worse than an actress
In a horror flick We all be flippin bricks
In this biz, you betta be rollin thick
Holdin shit down, son ain't no seein us
My Nina bust, another Human Being crushed
Street Genius, oh so serious
You're fearin this, deadly experience.

Chorus 2X and out

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