Damn the data - Broke me like a god (feat. xris tha bassman)

You, you came up on me
A soft breeze turning to a hurricane
Wormed your way inside me
Until I was addicted to your brand of pain
You, gave me just enough
Bled out all the good that was inside of me
You, my steadfast poison
You froze me in your amber of uncertainty
And you broke me like a god
Left me twisting in my dogma while the world moved on
I was pheening for your body
My hunger had no limit and it had no end
I was thirsting for your essence
Longing compels, as my psychosis descends
Pressed into your service
Sentenced to devotion, I am now condemned
Nothing left to give you
My soul desiccated as my doom impends
My vivisected creed
Worshiped you like the goddess of my greed
Now we're left together
Shattered souls on a twisted plane
Constrained in our codependence
Dysfunction in our tattered hearts' domain
Powerless to separate
Covalent bonds forced to remain
Now we'll share forever
Disordered in our mutual distain
Keep drawing on my pain but it's never enough
I said that I would leave you and you called my bluff

Writers: Christapher Huennekens

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