Dux and ohno da french - Respect (freestyle)

It's Dux
Ohno Da French
Let's go
Yo. I'm a prolific head scratcher, a venomous pen snatcher
Be only who I am, I ain't breading these dead actors
Better they step back 'fore I step on the next track
Get technically mad, hit 'em with shellin' and neck snappin'
Never been set, trapped up in someone else's vision
I exercise precision when I'm making my decisions
And they say that Life is given, so I use my rhyming diction
To guide my mission, realise my vision's alive and kicking
And every milestone, we work hard to get it
From the beats, the rhymes, every verse, bar and lyric
Music from the soul, don't stray far from spirit
Screaming 'money on my mind' ain't part of the image
Lets try separate art from riches
See how loyal those are who claim heart is in it
Ain't hard to picture, and true my don
You cut the money in half, half will move right on
But fuck that, Hip Hop reppin 'til I die
I'll climb up on the roof and fuckin' yell it from the sky
Now they checkin' on my style, wanna toof my tunes
Bite my shit, might get more than you can chew
I'm through the roof. Bitch, yeah I'll slew you too
That's what ya getting when ya steppin' in the booth with Dux
A true lyricist. Now all rap heads are feeling this
Knowing that I'm coming with the realest shit
'But Dux, there's no money in UK Hip Hop'
Soon as I heard money, yo my ears just switched off
Ain't about having a diamond ring or wrist watch
Don't need ice dripping to know that my shit's hot
Bish what? Yeah that's the shit that i'm speaking on
Forget real skill, that's the shit that they're peepin' on
I bet they're still hungry from the money they feeding on
Respect is a currency they currently sleepin on
And I try be honest when I'm speaking on tracks
It won't line ya pockets, it's deeper than that.
It's not inside ya wallets, you need to relax
And make sure you keep it rockin' with the beats and the raps
It's no joke, cos see D-U-X is so cold
When I'm hopping on a beat from Ohno, just go home
You ain't matching these levels, I'm managing several
Damaging bass and attacking the treble, mechanical general
I put an M on your head like Mo Farah; that's a bounty
And all of my bruddas would toe tag ya
I'm rowdy, but I ain't competing with no rappers
In this scene, cos these jokers to me, are no matter
That's right, you fake bitches are aggressively mild
It's true, when on the microphone you get to be wild
But the reckoning is coming quick, and a reckon
You won't all be survivors after the split like Destiny's Child
But I'm beyond saying that your bars are whack
And boring, they send me into a rest just like a heart attack
After that, I wake up, only try and best myself
Hoping that I find a surprise next time I check the shelf
While you phonies are just stuntin' for a cheque
Just beware what you put out, it judges what you get.
So I'm coming for ya throne, I'm coming for ya neck
Coming for ya crown, fuck it and I'm coming for respect

Writers: Niall Sheerin

Lyrics © DistroKid

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