Louie strongarm - Work to do

The morning comes
And I am on it
The bag I'm securing it
Motivated by the dreams
To only live within existence
In attempts of being wealthy
The fuck with tryna get rich
Keep my feet on the ground
The grind, where I reside
No map, within a sense
But a sense of direction
From the bottom
Bellied up, measure progression
By increments
And the instant I discover success
It's gonna be a dish
Best served cold as this flow is
This life depending on it... I call it mine
Not only mine
But those that's positively in it
Took a couple losses
And from the "L" won the
Experience of what it means
To say a real negus does this, you dig?
Space and opportunity
Between that truthfully
And I'm on to big thangs
L.G.B.T. friendly
The ambition like a foot
To the accelerator
Heavy in the Chevy to do better
Listen, playa I got work to do
I started life on all 4's
Much as a baby crawls
Now walking on different soil
Was seen to many as that
"Cool boy"
(Bit of a band dork…)
But rolled with the D boyz
Homie's a b-boy minus the cardboard
Or p-i-ru (Who?)
Me and these boyz
Influenced to spit
The life from influences
Of those who lived that life
You flaw negus wished you grew up in
Strategized and loaded with ammunition
Knowledge like scholar
Quiet 'bout my dollars
Portfolios I'm building right
So I can be like
"My account is what you blow er'y night"
Hint hint it ain't the black and milds
Personified a clothing line
That I helped get off the ground
I'm ain't far from doing boss shit now
I'm laughing at clowns
Drip all you want
But you ain't in my class, sit down

Writers: Alessandro Pinto , Trenton Brooks

Lyrics © DistroKid

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