Louielee & nelo g - Matter fact

I ain't playing with you bitch ass niggas
Aye aye
Matter Fact
Imma tell it how it is
Gang gang aye
Matter fact
I’m tryna push the wraiths bacc to bacc
Hop off stage
Putting bitches faces in my lap
No occasion
If I made it then it’s a slap
Double bacc
I remember buddy matter fact
Matter fact
This shit get wicked
I know niggas day 1’s
Who’ll switch in a minute
Ion get it
Cause niggas selfish and niggas stingy
These niggas act like bitches
Once them issues get to kicking aye
That’s why iont fucc with niggas
Since they like to act hard
I say I’m bout a bag
And these niggas talking that part
But that’s false
Niggas get a bag and then fucc off
Tricking on a bitch
All she do is get yo nuts off
And that’s all
Bitches been doing that before the bag
You wanna buy the bitch a bag
Just so you can brag
When you could’ve turned that stack
Into another stack
Run it bacc
Now you got a lac and it’s up in cash (Could've had a bag)
Honestly I said too much
Nigga matter fact
Aye aye matter fact
Yeah matter fact
Yeah nigga
Matter fact
LouieLee been about a sacc
Ran it up on a nigga
Wasn’t good at runnin' tracc
Fucc the bread up I’m the typa nigga get it bacc
I ain’t trickin' on no bitch I ain’t finna buy no bags
Give a fucc about yo ass
It ain’t cash I gotta pass
Cops comin' do the dash
I ain’t finna go out sad
Matter fact
Oops comin' take the 30 out the stash
Gettin' busy on they ass
All my niggas actin bad
Matter fact aye
This shit a lifestyle
That means it been in me
Whole life just to act wild
So excuse me if they tweakin
And you gotta see me act out
I just never been the type bitch up
And that cannot be now
This nigga told me that he wanna box
Iont box with opps
Ridin real low wit the chop
And drop his top
He talkin' bout he gettin' to the guap
He just talk a lot
I'm out here really gettin' to cash
Let them poccet watch nigga

Writers: LeeVontae Cuff , Neilyn Wright

Lyrics © DistroKid

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