C. alex webster - To purge

What do I do when I'm on the brink of knowing who I am
Then I think of you?
What do I say
When the right words bout to roll off my tongue
But all I can speak is your name

Oh how much try and try to rip you from my soul
But if I light a match to my bones
Baby I would burn us both

What do I do
If I can't stand to feel your touch but you're all I crave?
How can I grow
When you're the only one that I've truly ever known?

Oh how I try and try to scrub you from my skin
But if I rub my cells from my bones
I ain't got a prison to live in

This house creeks while you sleep
And my mind tries to wander all around
Cabinets, kitchen drawers, trying to find what's left of me that isn't yours

Oh how I try and try to beg you not to love me
Now I know my last hope of being whole is to purge your memory
So what do I do?

Writers: Catherine Webster

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