Louielee & nelo g - Shining

Niggas really bitches and they hoes
They love to run they mouth
I be over north with the bros
The hoes from over south
I like getting dough
I got goals dreaming of a house
AK’s in the floor in the wall
And up in the couch
When I up this pole
Yeah I bet that niggas pipe it down
Niggas run they mouth
But they not with what they talk about
Say another word and then I promise ima knocc you out
Hoes say I’m rude but yeah these niggas really hate me now
Baby if you with it we can leave
Get it popping now
Back to back
Pulling on her weave bitch I’m willing out
See it in her knees how she walking round
After that
I’m just doing me she steady calling now
Yeah she steady callin now
Cause she see we poppin now
Bitches on a nigga every time you see us poppin out
What you talkin bout I just do my dance they get to flockin now
Ain’t no stoppin now, she gon let me fucc every time you not around
Don’t make a sound
Barrel to his mouth like a garden hose
I suppose shoot a nigga dead like I’m Al Capone
Gangster I ain't pimping hoes cause imma player
Play her get the bitch gone see ya later
See you later niggas already know I got the laser
Vader blow this bitch a nigga turn to vapor
Air yeah I run his bitch like I’m the mayor
You pay her and she come and bring me all yo paper
Dollars keep a decent bitch I need a scholar
She holler you the main reason she be bothered
Scandalous I really been that nigga they can’t stand it
They panic and as you can see I can manage
Catch me in the back creeping up just like a bandit
The bag I demand it niggas better hand it over
Up and down she ride roller coaster
Fucc this bitch then I’m gon act like I don’t know her
I’m brand new and never getting old like a canned food
Choppa gotta nigga screaming woah like the dance move
When I’m mobbing know I gotta slither like I’m Randall
Catch a body even though I’m leading by example
Leading by example, all these niggas is my sons
Yeah they thought about tryin it till they seen I’m not one
Boy is you dumb it don’t take nun to get you done
My boys in the band can’t wait to use they drums
All my lil niggas really been onna crumb
Niggas talking crazy tryna say I ain't the one
Niggas bums tryna say you know me that's a front
Got this blicky on my waist man I swear it weigh a ton
Been about my cash, don’t make me pull them bands out
All my niggas working, we don’t need no fuccin hand outs
They ain’t want me bacc then, but the hoes think I’m the man now
That’s why everytime I’m round they wanna pull they pants down
Yeah I need them bands now, get it in the fast route
Imma be counting money, till a nigga pass out
I spazz out, never gave a fucc never cared now
I’m here now niggas steady worried bout my whereabouts
I don't give a fucc, I’ll tell a nigga where to find me
Wait until he pop up just to do em grimey
Yeah that’s the type shit I’m on if a nigga try me
And long live all the guys, yeah I know they see me shining

Writers: LeeVontae Cuff , Neilyn Wright

Lyrics © DistroKid

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