D-a-d - Memory foam

Memory foam
Leaving imprints in the mattress you're laying on
Checking your phone
Did you see what you wanted?
Did you find what you were searching for?
I know what it feel like
I know how it feel like
I can make it alright
Roll up something real light
Turn off all them night lights
Let me get your head right
I know it just feel right
We ain't gotta play
We can take it day by day like
If you feel it alright
I won't hesitate to be over there all night
Memory foam
Leaving secrets in the mattress we're laying on
This ain't my home
But you told me to lay here
Cause you ain't tryna kick me out
(Dad you're crazy)
I know that you like it
You know that I like it
Damn you are the tightest
Know just how I like it
You ain't never ask but
I ain't got a side chick
I'm always invited
Never bring it up but
Make me wanna wife it
I don't know I might just
Tell you how I feel
You ain't gotta be a psychic


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