Z hunno - 3 headed lion (feat. dior sway & lil gotit)

All the percs yah I'm feelin’ like Lil Purp
On the block yah I'm feelin’ like Lil durk
Yah I curse in my songs so I don’t go to chruch
Get paid but a nigga don’t go to work
Nigga talkin’ then we put his ass on a shirt
Come in second hell nah I come in first
Hell nah these niggas don’t want work
Hell nah these niggas don’t got work
Break these niggas like a mufuckin’ KitKat
Gotta Glock and a beam don’t miss that
Sagittarius hell nah come get it back
Pussy niggas be talkin' on the internet
Pillow talking hell nah don’t do that
All hunnids' hell yeah them big racks
You snitched on the homie them big rats
No rats in the hood them big facts
Me and Gotit we don’t see no hero
All we seem is them commas and B-rolls
Told Huncho its gonna' be a lot of people
My brotha' gotta stick he legal
Making numbers like a nigga playing bingo
Leave him lost like a nigga was Nemo
Talking shit betta' watch yo' lingo
All my niggas be slidin' like Ceeno
And my brotha' gotta stick like its Zatanna
I'ma smash on my bitch like a damn hammer
Keep it g, get the lean put it in the Fanta
Niggas breakin' in house like a damn Santa
I be crusin' with my brothas' in Traplanta
I be stayin' real humble like damn Hannah
Nigga talkin' then we pullin' up on his nana
I be staying with a stick like I'm Montana
Me and Ralph got loads doing no tellin'
He real to my charge there no felon
Me and Reech shot a video on Gresham
Might slide through yo' hood there's no tellin'
Yah slime good e'ry where they go
Yah snake watching me hear me halo
Gotta big bad hadda' lay low
Got B's and they peeling out the camera roll
Keep a lightskin bitch like J. Lo
Could've swear these niggas my shadows
Perc 10 gotta nigga finna' meditate
Yah i caught 'em off street that's my meta case
Yah hood baby we'll come beheaded babies
Ol' nasty come sluts they?
I told a hoe my bitch a blessing
So only gonna' send one message
Back then all I played was some horse shoes
Now I'm rocking them Amiris these new moves
Cant size me boy you gon' lose
So many red dots aimin' at you
Rock Chanel yah Nae Nae
Zero tone give a fuck what they say
Everyday like my mufuckin' birthday
Showin' up and i let that bitch drag race
Osama bin Laden with the AK
Did a race with a opp like Tay-K
Tip toe in yo hood like ballet
Get a star for a buck when you servin' a cafe
Frostin' my neck everyday my birthday
Whippin' these foreign like I'm valet
Sign a contract like a essay
Jump inna' box have a mufuckin' field day
Slug Baby and 4EP tossin' hoes like Joe Burrow
Beat up the coochie with a one two combo
Glock gotta dick like a porn star dildo
Spin on his block fully loaded with ammo
Couldn't touchdown so we had to do a punt hoe
Kick a bitch out like a mufuckin' field goal
Bitch I'm like Shaq at the mufuckin' free throw
Got one mil' but I need a lil' few mo'
Scammin' and flippin' getting bricks off a network
Breakin' her back and I'm making her neck hurt
Pop a perc then a nigga go berserk
Painting her face and I'm calling it artwork
Dive in the streets I'm goin' in headfirst
Run up sack really made my leg hurt
These stones on my neck really make my neck hurt
Cut off his head get stuck on a shirt
Yah I'm hot
Doing the dash when i come out the lot
Stay down in the trap when that bitch was hot
My shoes they cost a lot
These niggas be cappin' a lot
These bitches gon' fold whether you like it or not
And I'm never trippin' my shoes in a not
My niggas my brothers we all we got
My niggas my brothers we all we got
My niggas my brothers we all we got
My niggas my brothers we all we got

Writers: Lil Gotit , Sway Gotit , Z Hunno

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