Hindsight 2020 - Waist deep

Fueled up
The motors running
I gotta go the apocalypse is coming
And doubts? yeah, i fuckin got those
Came too far to fuckin stop yo
Time goes tick tock tick
It's the end of days and i'm getting sick
I give and give and they take take take
Life's an open flame and i'm getting raked
In hindsight i wish i knew
All the bullshit that i'd go through
All the nonsense i'd accept as fact
Once brighter days are turning black
Where are we headed? i just don't know
Got my foot on the gas and i'm ready to go
Been treadin' shallow water for way too long
No more playing it safe no more keepin' it calm
The world's ending
And i just don't know
About next week of fuckin' tomorrow
Already buried waist deep in regrets and doubt
Not much time left to figure it out

Writers: Ryan Svenkeson

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