Hindsight 2020 - The warantine

It’s time to
Mask up
The war is on
This is our battle cry
This is our siren song
3 2 1 (boom)
We’re set to explode
We’re not expendable and we’ll take what we’re owed
We ain’t the 1 percent bitch we’re the 99
And refuse to have the wool pulled over our eyes
Refuse to back down and accept the lie.
Refuse to just roll over and die
Fuck That
This ain’t a battle this is the warantine
The death rattle as we live life in quarantine
We fight to live they tell us to drink bleach
We gasp for air and they charge us to breathe
Get Up
The war is on it’s time to mask up
You beat us down and we get back up
Bleed me dry ’til you can’t take no more from me
War is hell and this is the warantine

Writers: Ryan Svenkeson

Lyrics © DistroKid

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