16thflavor & woken - Two sides

I’m stuck I need help with no way out but I’m caving in
People really pushed me around my patience really just be wearing thin
With no family friends no love to hold on to
Man this is just a game
With the demons I fight with myself
At the sight of the light I think I’m going insane
And the truth hurts and it’s hard to take
So many lies in the world I wanna break
Let’s just find an excuse to take these pills and fly away
Me and yo’ girl fucking it up under in the sheets
I would tell you my life story but the shit get real deep
I got my friends looking after my back shoutout my peeps
You called her but all you heard was me clapping her cheeks
Still rapping off beat is kinda my thing
Shoutout my nigga JayKreep
Life in a book is a happy ending
So let’s take some time to edit the next
Couple of chapters in this monopoly life that we live in
We was brought down and beat up from the people who want be us
Acting friendly or acting stupid really gon' do nothin’ but be sus
And that’s me
Building my wall
All and all I’m the one that was on guard
Trustin’ myself with the greatness of god
Its apart of my story now drag it along

Writers: Esgar Leal Junior , Francisco Ortega

Lyrics © DistroKid

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