N.d.a - Hakuna matata

Nigga you waisting your time like those bitches who asking my money
This not the game what they doing they caroting nigga you talking like bonny
Fucking so fast
Blowing that ass
Cuming and dirty that body
You not the best
Please no offense
Fuck thats what say everybody
Heinnn i go like montana
Yeah french montana no nigga i'm not from ghana
But i will kick yo ass moma
That i cant nigga do you know
Barack obama
Giving and giving and giving
When will be my turn to receive am i donna
When things go bad, even more sad
You know what i say hakuna matata
Thats why i never give up
You must always live up
I will never fuck up
I mean shall not fuck up
Nigga all the way up
Damn it all the way up
I go crack this shit life like pumba did tim big up
You can whisper, wiki, with kim
Me i do my life nigga me i dont give a fuck
Fucking isn't the best thing in life Motherfuck
Cracking packing picking everything at the club
Now i'm running the game
Rapping or schooling isn't it a dilemne
What am i gonna do nigga goddamn
You have to stop rapping nigga for mam
Are u insane
The beat goes bang bang bang
I have no gang gang gang
Since i was born i need to do an album so don't border me okay
Money gonna rise with a million couple fans
Only paradise is place man with no pain
Better have to do it coz anybody here did it
And diddy never hadn’t do it if he thought he could indeed
Lemme tell you something that u may have Listen in a movie
When the hole world turns its back on you
You do the same my maan and a man isn’t man
If he pretending like meen like the men above women
Fuck u niggas u insane
Hoping that one day it will be the reverse
Coz im pretty sure that's how it should have be since the begining

Writers: NTJAM Arthur

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