M.o.c. - In the end

Niggaz always looking for validation (Validation)
Fuck it my niggas we bout to take it
Yeah, this right here?
Yeah we made it
On the backs of slaves and shit
Up off the slave ship
We slay shit, blaze shit, aim quick for they get em
New ain’t shit, ancient ways
That’s how we kill em
Want peace but filled with rage
Getting hotter than a sinner sitting in holy water
The preacher enter
Jezebel tryna cast a spell on a nigga
While a young nigga tryna get a figure
Made in his image so I figured
Maybe I hit her and get her
To fuck wit a young thug nigga
Probably realer than any nigga that she had ever seen
Jumped in the whip, then we flee the scene
This shit realer than anything on tv screens
I got my nut, turned my head, but then I heard a scream
See how fast yo dreamz can turn to nightmares? (Nightmares)
Yeah I’m reborn, but you gone die here (Die here)
North Carolina nigga, I reside here (I reside there)
Another star is born, Merica’s nightmare (Nightmare)
Yeah I’ve been torn, but it’s quite clear (Quite clear)
I’ve seen no remorse, but why should I care? (Why should I care?)
Blood from yo hands it got in our hair (Our hair)
Hope the lord forgive me, but I have no fear (No fear)
Of man or men
God Damn
We’ve been living sin
Many nights
Had to pray and repent
But I still
Didn’t see all the shit
The world did
In the end
How you gone , how you gone end it off
In the end
How you gone end it off
They’ve been eating on us all
Everything is energy, but sometimes the energy seems off
Many people that we lost
Get crossed up and tossed in fire
But our souls desire water to come down
So we can get higher, flyer
Here lately my heart flows lighter
I might’ve tapped into myself another level of sorts
God Speed
Of course

Writers: Deven Milton

Lyrics © DistroKid

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