M beezi - The awakening

So I was walking through the park today right
Astro projecting smoking weed with my inner vibe
Laughing and joking conversations with me and I
Good Sex
No Stress
One Boo
No Ex
Small Circle
Big Checks
After the top I’m thinking where do I go
Always remember music is always great food for the soul
When haters hate they motivate I give the duce when they troll
Highly favored I’m the truth on the low
You throwing stones breaking glass just don’t play victim
Good energy stay on point like grandmas cooking
Melanated skin the tone of dusse nigga
With a vibe of find a white man now you say nigga
Notorious can’t say that I ain’t big
**** 15 minutes want 30 hours like Kanye is
By voicing freedom in your speech look what Kanye did
Was those who didn’t see the vision but I ain’t trip
Good Laughs
All Jokes
Good Gas
All Smoke
Just Pass
The Dope
My mind stay rich
Drive fast
I coast
Great vibes
I float
I sage
I soak
Yes I’m him
So I was walking through the park today right
And I was talking to myself and myself said huh
So my other self says
You know you
You know you that guy right
So myself replied back to my other self and said
You right
You right

Writers: Melvin Harris

Lyrics © DistroKid

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