07 - Dust to dust (feat. lady chidire)

Empty we came Empty we go
From the dust we came To the dust we go


Aie ah...

We all claim to understand life is vanity upon vanity
But our action depicts vanity insanity
Instead of spreading love we spreading hate
There's no unity amongst humanity all I see is hypocrisy
We don't practice what we all preach
To humanity we became snitch how we gonna cross that bridge
With our mind still consumed with greed
But don't forget the seed we sowing will tell on our unborn seed
Just the way the seed our father's sowed is telling on us
Spoilt generation no one is willing to carry the cross
From a rear eye view I can picture the world closely
Can't even hold back my tears
Cos all I see is discrimination caused by skin colour and religion
All I see is wrong information
Passed down to the black generation
Leading them astray all I see is legalized oppression
All I see is domestic violence gang rape
Children been misused and abused and held against their own will
I see women and children
With no roof over their head
Yet we have roof over our cars and you think we ain't retard
If hate is a crime we all are guilty as charge
Fuck! Hate has never and will never
Solve no problems in our world only love

I don't now why there's so much hatred
Brothers killing brothers all for the money
There's no love no love

I don't know why we see people suffering
Going through pain and we all look away
There's no love no love...

Empty we came Empty we go
From the dust we came To the dust we go
When we die when we die

Empty we came Empty we go
From the dust we came To the dust we go
When we die when we die ie ie ie

Come to think about it
What's the use of being multimillionaires and multi billionaires
When so many people out there still starving
Not even a piece of bread for them to share
So many people homeless yet we own planes and private jets
What's the use of stacking money in burial grounds
Looting your country's treasury piling it up in Swizz accounts
And when you dead your soul rots in the earth without a dine
Which makes you useless cos all your stolen wealth can't even buy you more time
Am talking you yes you! Stop looking backwards
Am talking fucking politicians and fucking pastors
Those bastards who only conspire with politicians
To enrich their own pocket taking us four hundred years backwards
During the election in 2015
All you did was use the pulpit to mislead vulnerable people in your church
Sowing seeds of discord, into their heart
Causing religious segregation and confusion fuck you all!
You went as far giving false prophecies
All to satisfy your own greedy needs
You sold your soul for few billions
Yet they men and women in your church who can't afford a square meal
You all dressed in all white suit talking like you care
But deep inside your heart is as disgusting as hell
Damn! When we die we all have to give account of the life we lived here on earth
I hope this rings a bell

Empty we came Empty we go
From the dust we came To the dust we go
When we die when we die

Empty we came Empty we go
From the dust we came To the dust we go
When we die when we die ie ie ie

What if I asked,what's the world most deadliest virus
I mean that disease that has caused the human race unexplainable pain and suffering
I know your answers will be Malaria Cancer Ebola HIV/Aids or better still the corona virus
But the simple Truth is
The most deadliest virus the world has ever known
A virus which has claimed more lives than any virus that ever existed or still exist or ever will
A virus we all have underestimated
For we refused to desperately search for the cure of this virus as we did for other viruses
And this world most deadliest virus is
The HEART of we human beings
Let me paraphrase a verse from the famous Jewish book
The heart of man is desperately wicked who can know it
The deadly virus called the heart of man
Is the reason our world has experienced numberless plagues and virus
And would experience even more if we don't desperately and with all determination search for the cure
Which is LOVE


Writers: Tommeni ndumayak

Lyrics © DistroKid

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