R. Kelly - I Mean (I Don't Mean It)

(Spoken) Yeah, I mean,
I'm not trying to hurt you baby, I don't wanna hurt you.
It's just sometimes you do things that make me say things
that I don't wanna say, you know what I'm saying?
You know I love you. You know I care about you.
This time you just brought it on yourself.
Check it out.

Now I shoulda been more man about the way things went down
Specially since we been dealing for like seven years now
I been slowly, slowly bringing you down
No conversation, no good sex in awhile
But still you search and find a way to love me somehow
Even though I lie you still trust me somehow
Got my face in some ice in a towel
Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly going down

I don't mean it (when I holler at you)
I don't mean it (when I say that we're through)
I don't mean it (when I'm taking you through)
I don't mean it (baby, I)
I don't mean it (said I'm sorry)
I don't mean it (can you find a way to forgive me?)
I don't mean it (said I went to church this morning)
I don't mean it (and I don't mean it)

Walking around here talking about how I'm a big playa now
Hittin them corners, blinging that ice, yeah Kelly makin hits now
Thinking about this industry and how I put it down
You were there for me when I used dishrags for towels
Them times when I didn't hear you I was talking too loud
When I didn't come home I was hanging with the crowd
Whenever we fight I try to win every round
Can you find a way to forgive me now?
(Repeat Chorus)

Kelly: Father can you help me?
God: What do you need from me?
Kelly: I broke up w/ my girl and now I'm feeling kinda lonely.
God: I been watching you from heaven Kelly, you been so demanding.
It's time you read my Word, son, and get some understanding.
Kelly: But I been busy w/ my music.
God: Stop making excuses. Recognize the love she gives
and try not to abuse it.
Kelly: Is it too late to get her back?
God: Not as long as I'm a fact.
Kelly: Then Father, show me sign to let me know she's mine
(Repeat Chorus)

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