P crook & universe hopper - Trial by wisdom

Is a fire
And it burns to ash
Got So many questions
Different paths
Take by each person
This a flash
This life done quick
So I grip the gas
Equipped with facts
To make this
Mess immac
Reverse the trap
The wasted
Purpose rap
Immersed in that
It's basic
Flirt with death
I'm working next
To Nathan
World is vexed
And punishment
Is faceless
Pain doesn't get a score
say that I'm hurt
You tell me that you're hurting more
Say that I'm cleave
But I see that it ain't enough
Say that you'll leave
Best believe
Ima call your bluff,
I'm not super tuff,
I'm invincible
I'm odd
With words
Above my backside
I hang my
DnD dice roll
Random how this'll go...
Gun soaked
I can almost taste it
Millions of memories
Made it the basement
Now that I'm grown
Back then
it was pavement
Street socc God
No exaggeration
1 way to make it
Practice n patience
The World will awaken
I'm sent here to save it
It leaves a bad taste in
my mouth,
Like when I speak words of doubt
I Believe!
In you
and the projects
That you do
Being Facetious is feces
That's poo poo
New threads from vv
Money I'm not used to
My library
Is much bigger than YouTube
Français infini
Na I'm not finished yet
Not till the gears in my head stop glitterin'
Not till the snake in my spine stops slitherin'
Not till the rebound's mine and I put it in!
Incoming beat
No way my kid
Trick or treats
Cancer synonym
Is candy
So chew cinnamon
Not dentyne
I'm versatile
Like 640 commercial drive
Many uses
Who is the God that you describe
Bet it's the same as mine
Chill if it isn't though
Focus on inner glow
Spirits gimme iller flow
Let's fucking go

Writers: Powys Harrison-Jones

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