Obiekwe - Eli


Cast his likeness in the truth
Wipe the sweat up off his brow
Kick the dust up off his shoe
He done, He done
Lost to forces He couldn't choose
This madness is a charm
Someone spiked it in your food
Who sent you?
Vision of my darkness
Dare to lay harm on the fruit that I have harvest
I say these prayers in my leisure
You not ill
You let the devil use you for pleasure
We sing praise
Clasping clammy palms together
He grasp rain
Shield my family from the weather
We abstained
Why they throw us in here together
Why they throw us in here forever
Forty days n forty nights
The fated hands of father time
I hope I wake before I die
God is good
And so am I

Writers: Obiekwe Agbu

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