Prince - When U Love Somebody

I was the one sleepin' all alone
When U were at the party
I was the one waitin' by the phone
When U were with somebody

Now here U come again
With your heart in your hands
Confessin' all of your sins
Same tired line that I've heard a dozen times
Still I've got 2 give in

Cuz when U love somebody
Every now and then it might rain
When U love somebody
With every sun shower there's pain
Whenever something's lost
Something's gained
When U love somebody
When U love someone

U were the one lookin' 4 some action
I was just lookin' 4 U
"Who needs love when U got protection"
Quote, unquote your point of view
All my partners say that I need 2 dismiss U
Until they see U smile (such a pretty smile)
All them fools are buggin'
Cuz they just want your lovin'
In the backseat 4 a little wile
but I don't care


Round and round
don't stop the poundz
Cuz a brutha's gettin'
Down here lately!
Freedom agress with us all U C
In a state of mind
that's weightless...
C on the quantum tip I
Flipped on the notion of when
The Adam split we got Eve
Duality's now a groupie
with a backstage pass
And they ain't gonna leave
'till they get some...
From grace we fall
Referring 2 the objects on the wall
My hat , my coat, my ballz R
round and round
don't stop the poundz
'Cuz a brutha's gettin' down here lately!

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