M.c. galaxy - Let's go (feat. ty graves)

I said Let's Go
I said Let's Go
I said Let's Go
I said Let's Go
I'm about to slay
I'm about to slay
I'm about to slay
I'm bout to spit
All up in your face
Laugh now cry later
Fuck what you say
You been a snitch nigga
Stop with the hate
Little dick nigga
Can't get a date
Live at night
Still can't get laid
Just sleep it away
One day get pussy
But not today
I got your girl
Yeah at my place
I'm Galaxy bitch
I'm deep in her space
Talk that shit
I walk that shit
She loves all my shit
If her friend bad
I'ma call that bitch
Menage a trois
Yeah all that shit
I got her legs up
We wet the bed up
I got my bread up
But I count my cheddar
Life can't get better
Feel like Hugh Hefner
Party every night
Got girls in all white
And they drink dirty Sprite
We too lit
It's a lituaion
The only one stop destination
No entry for
Bitches that's basic
Y'all know exactly
What I'm saying
I like what I do
Car fast like a Coupe
Drip on Majin Buu
NPC the truth
I said Let's Go
I said Let's Go
I said Let's Go
I said Let's Go
I be the one
With the dope flow
Ty Graves ain't the one
With the four four
Mo go hit a back flip
Make the crowd go loco
While I spit a dope rhyme
Put 'em in a chokehold
I do the digital dash
You do not get you a pass
We gone be kicking your ass
Stomping you out
While we laugh
Yeah lemme talk my junk
Treating this beat like lunch
I contributed to the bump
NPC wit a punch
Tell ya girl come to the front
Then she get kicked like a punt
Von roll up the gas
But that ain't the reason I'm blunt
Boy I been the best
Nigga you know the rest
With my dawg
Nigga call me Johnny Test
Me and G been the vets
I'm coming out the west
He coming from the south
So we finna make a mess
We the best in the burg
That's the word
Anyone else is just absurd
I know you heard
We assured
Don't be deterred
You turds
You ain't ask nigga
But you gone learn
I supplied the dope sounds
With my nigga ADØE
I know these rappers kidding
I caught 'em messing in play dough
Gotta tell the truth
So why you looking at Graves hoe
Coming from the A-Town
Like lived in a Bane-do
Oops I meant bando
Killin niggas like rambo
Mr. TellYaMama
ILikeMyEggs Scrambled
Young country boy
That's word to your banjo
You ain't get the hook
Well let me play it again hoe
I said Let's Go
I said Let's Go
I said Let's Go
I said Let's Go

Writers: Moses Jenkins III

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