G&baby - Hold onto the geng (yemzoid & cheq)

I got kings in my geng
Queens in my geng
Always white and black the ying to my yang
Came out the dark like am Bruce wayne
All gold watch with no stones that a plain Jayne
You know I'm filthy
But I'm not guilty
21 bridges shut down the whole city
Girls wanna kiss me Stay wet like Fiji Yellow Lamborghini to match her bikini
No top on the car to feel the nice breeze
Came out the mud Disappear like Houdini
Burj khalifa air getting heavy
He's bad man yeah that's G.baby

Stop playing with my gang
It will be a hard to stop us
Son of a king simba and mufasa
Keep running your mouth end up with a celly
G.baby i stay hot like Nelly
No face to face straight to the celly
G.baby rude boy with the big belly
Got a few chicks Yes I stay proper
Everywhere I go I'm a show stopper
Back on the wall How you gonna handle her
American dream but i was born right in Africa
Any space in filling in Black cards we billing it
Brown skin beautiful skin full of melinin

Writers: Greenwich Kayembe

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