M. aubrey - The road

You say
I gotta get
Outta bed now baby
There's no way
Don't wanna hit the road
But you throw me the keys
Now we're driving away
Started playing the boss
Now baby
When you started singing away
I disappeared on the five now baby

Thinking one day
You just might stay

Drive up
To the terminal one
Now baby

Bags out
Time to hit the road
Gotta get on a plane
But you're crying to me
Say you're counting the days
Now baby

I don't know how to explain
How you're breaking my heart
Now baby
Thinking one day
You might just stay

Time is gonna tell
Who we're meant to be
You don't need to care
We don't need to see

Sick & unaware
How we're meant to bleed
When I stop believing
Please don't hold it
Over me

Writers: Cyril Budde

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