Y. misdaq - Black shadow

No cars
No places to go
Cafés and hearts
All closed
People on auto
Talking all that info
But I'm just here
With my shadow
Lazy and dissatisfied
Kinda like something in me died
Feels like two years since I cried
Why'd you dim the lights?
Your signals gone dry
Lots of ladies crowding around me
To see what I've been through
Everybody asking about me
Is it really true?
Do we still care about each other?
Do, do we do?
We've got so many flowers to give
But they seem to be stuck with glue
Stuck with glue
Stuck to you
Shut me down outside
(Shoot me down)
Lock me down on my good side
(Keep me down)
I'm here alone with my face
(In concrete)
I got clean water, but I can't taste
(I can't breathe)
Someone shake me on my shoulder
Stop me right now from getting older
Or let me go, cos I don't care, yo
I'm good right here with my shadow
Crying babies stop when they see me
They can understand
So much sprouting, natural beauty
All across this land
In the blackness
I see neon pink and purple stars
Your black shadow tells you where to go
And it's telling you
Who you are
Don't go too far
Stay as you are
Don't lose your star
Don't lose your star.

Writers: Yusuf Misdaq

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