Y. misdaq - Indésan

There was a old time
It was a gold time
It was all amber, and
Warmly lit
There was an olden time
It was a golden time
It was all amber-ful
In California
I remember
The beauty-particles
The extra armfuls of
Golden drugs
(Golden dragons)
I remember
(I remember)
The party whirling ones
(Turning ones)
The sugary girly ones
(Early ones)
In the sun
(In the sun)
In the sun
It do become
Leave your Christmas tree
In the sun
In the sun
In the only one
Leave your dungarees out
In the sun
Leave your wet heart to dry
In the sun
Time - the sun
There'll be a golden time
They'll call it the olden times
You gotta be the open mind
If you want it to find you
Time scans me like a
Scanner, with moving light
Runs up and down upon me
Like a disco ball of light
I want to be glittery
I want to reflect everything
Make you so beautiful
Whenever you're near me
I wanna be them blingy shoes
I wanna be the one to choose
I wanna dark escapade
Whenever I'm near you
In the sun
In the black sun
Midnight maiden
In the sun
In the sun
In the only one
Leave your dungeon drum and
Come to one
Leave your bleeding heart to dry
In the sun
Time - the sun
I see you granulating
Awaiting me in the fields
You are there for me
you are there in the fields
My beauty bravery
My beauty, bravery
You want my rain to be
You want my rain
Well I'll rain on you
I'll rain on you
I'll rain on you
I sleep on a bed of hope
I wake up feeling dope
I smile simply like village-folk
I stretch and crack my bones
Like egg-yolk
Pour me into the day
Where I stay woke and
Get my payload, steady
As I pass the railroad
Ready, set, go, I stay
Never in safe mode
Don't do a thing just because you say so
Listen to my heart
And my instincts
I pray yo
Every single day
When I feel the volcano
I pay no mind
To the hatred in the times
I go slow
I so know
How to maintain my rapid, rapid fire flow
How to maintain this
Beautiful inner-glow
Others be slick
They get tricked
And get cynical
Running after love and likes
So minuscule
I'm in the background
Smiling invisible
Standing on a mountain that's
Symbolic and spiritual
Angels in my hair saying,
'Yeah, this the pinnacle,'
Sun in my eyes
Give me highs and minerals
I can take a walk
See my thoughts
And see yours
We're on a string
It's a fabulous thing
The inter-connectedness of
All living beings
I'm your mother
And your brother
I'm your daddy
Your favourite caddy
I'll follow you into the fire of the sun
(Follow you into the fire of the sun!)
I'll set you free in the light of the sun
(Set you free!)
Yeah, and I'm here for you
(I'm here for you)
And I will be here
(I will be here)
But I'm going to bed now
(I'm going to bed...)

Writers: Yusuf Misdaq

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