Y. misdaq - Your dark myriads

Sensual in a sleepy way
She never has much to say
Reminds me of cream, chocolet
Almond-eyes on the sides, better
She's a silent woman
She responds to the quietest touch
Light incense on a full-moon
Slows me down when I feel the rush
We All Got to Get
We All Got to Get
It's hard to say words to silence
Beautiful, mystic and vibrant
I want the go to flow my way
Some things that I need to say
'We could be a mega-reality
Stones overturned for the sun
We could be a arching gallery
Smooth dome two feel like one
We All Got to Get
We All Got to Get
New vanilla with spice in the cloud
Some spice that they haven't discovered
Sweet smile on mute feels loud
Perfect height for my hugs to cover
Lay low, under the moon glow
Crystal stone upon her eyelids
Send out lanterns on the river, go
Send our vibes to the windy pilots
Drugs, fall from the sky
Drugs, everywhere in your eyes
Drugs, I'm addicted and I'll follow
I know I shouldn't, but I'll swallow
Get me in trouble with life
Take me to places not right
I can't live in a dream
Will you step out and
Meet me in the mid-steam?
I'm here in the shallow puddles
Gush waterfalls
That's my heart in my chest
Just come, come and see me on the double
I want to see if you're serious
Just wanna to see you if you serious
Yes, wanna be with you for these periods
Yes, wanna stare into your myriads
Yes, you and your beautiful silhouette
Yes, put you inside my warm pyramid
Gave you the key, so get rid of it

Writers: Yusuf Misdaq

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