Petey pablo - Petey pablo

[Petey Pablo talking]
To get with me, 2000
Yo Pete, I think they ready for you
Give y'all some of me

[Hook x2]
Petey Pablo - Petey Pab
Petey Pablo - Petey Pab
Petey Pablo - Petey Pab
Petey Pablo...Pablo...Pablo

What's up witcha hot boys, hot girls
Came in to see dogg didn't ya cuz
Uh-huh, love is love
That's the reason I hold it down for y'all
Y'all muh'fuckas do the same for Pun
But I'ma keep fuckin' with y'all
Kick it like I been kickin' with y'all
I owe it all to y'all
Y'all was the muh'fuckas that gave a goddamn
Anything I got, nigga you can get half
Word on my grandmama that passed
You stay right by a nigga like me and you'll get blessed
Ain't fuckin' with that, down cuz of what I got
That's how a nigga get sprung in the back part
Muh'fucka fakin' the funk, and then a nigga get jumped on
And they don't know where it come from
Bet they do, punk-ass tell the truth
Petey done what he said he'd do
Came home where I'm at now, hit the road, I'm out
Everytime I open my mouth ya hear "Dirty South"
D-D-Dat's what I'm talkin' bout
My muh'fuckin' name's been in an' out yo mouth
My nigga, my neck uv da woods
Give a shout out, North Carolina, in tha house
Shit got a lot better, while I got a lot fedda
House got a lot bigger, truck got a step betta
Folks think I'm out of my mind
I'm out of line a lot of times
I don't give a fuck about guidelines
Do what I wanna do, when I wanna do it
You-you ain't like what I'm doin', you ain't got to
I ain't mad at ya, but eventually
You gon' find yourself callin' me

[Hook x1 1/2]

One of the realest said I came on his first joint
Like how the niggaz on the second and third
Runnin' the world, greatest, I ain't put it in words
Jumpin' and settin' my muh'fuckin' top boy
Representin' my crew, you know
Ain't too many that put it down like I do
North Cac-this, North Cac-that
I'ma hit ya back to back wit that, muh'fuckin' hot shit
Y'all ready to get it (Yeah), ready to set it (Yeah)
Headin' up in two headers, nineteen two-thousand shit is headed
Pump the magnetic, apoletic, cosmetic
Cosmotolic, just paramedic slash schizophrenic
Energetic, you spaz in minutes and milliseconds
PLay the wrong video-edit, do you like Puff did it
Go to court get the charges aquitted
Muh'fucka like O.J., muh'fucka like no wins
Yeah, you know nigga like WHOA win
Rah Digga video, Black Rob in the new "Down Atlanta"
Me and Bus doin' interviews, slangin' wood around town
Fuckin' two at a time, muh'fucka, that's all he ain't got some
How you like the sound, Petey three sound
Hip-hop, R&B and underground, here playa
It's me this year, WHAT MY NAME IS

[Hook x2 repeats "Petey" till end]

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