Petey pablo - Intro

My Mamma said seem like yesterday when my brother he was gonna leave here
say he was gonna go and make something of heself
see my brother wants just to be a rapper
and he could rap real good too,
he used to have this book he used to carry around with him all the time
he used to calle it a diary, he used to take it everywhere he went
one day he took it to church when we went to sunday school
And the pastor asked him whats that you got in your hands
He said this is my diary
and the pastor told him that sinners couldn't have no diarys
My brother said he was lying, and my brother said if he couldn't have a diary
cause he was a sinner, he would just call it a diary of a sinner
My mamma told him dont worry about what pastor said, my mamma told him dont
worry about what nobody said
if that was your diary, thats gonna be your diary
Thats what my mamma said
He said he gonna turn it into an album, and i believe him too
Im just waitin' One day. One day we gonna turn on the radio...........

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