N.aimless - 3 a.m.

The ocarina of time
I'm smoking weed so I'm fine
But I can barely unwind
From all the mass genocide
I turn the TV on, why
So I can be with the times
But it's just multiplication
Of hatred murder and crime
Another shooting today
It's just the usual play
I mean it's fucking insane
Mass killings every day
Children are living afraid
Can't go to school without fear
In countries all over the world
Oh shit you thought I meant here
We pretty privileged in fact
Unless you brown or you black
Then police beat you for nothing
And shoot you right in the back
What kind of world are we in
What kind of mind state you got
Are you just out for yourself
I swear to god that I'm not
I'm here to add to the pot
I'm here to help with the cooking
And then distribute the meals
I'm hear you speak with conviction
Until it gives you the chills
I'm here to make people feel
And help them deal with their demons
Not cash, not fame, not even
Not Cash, not fame, not even
Not Cash, not fame, not even
Not Cash, not fame, not even

Half the damn world got Stockholm syndrome
They either in a cult, that they call religion
Or they a victim to their own narcissism
Supporting magicians who
Chopping them into segments
It's all an illusion right?
Slight of hand to confuse the mind
They do the crime, you do the time
Then you praise them for their hubris and lies
And say that they're truly divine
Stop sign with a clock
It's just a sign of the times
Cross walk with a stop watch
They got you in a box locked
Like freeze tag during hop scotch
It's top notch propaganda
Dripping out the boss
It's Dripping out the boss

It's pretty pathetic
The shittiest rhetoric
It's gets in your head quick
Then it's coming out ya mouth like a dentist
Couldn't detect the scent, in a sense
Because you only care about cents
The message was sent bitch
I meant what I said, 100 percent
I'm faithful like an elephant gets
Plus I'm a hell of a gent
Y'all some malevolent devils
It's evident in the intent
Plus you only present
When you presented with presents
I'm feeling spent, I'm feeling spent
From all the hypocrisy
What a dichotomy
A diagraM of diabolical schemes
A diatribe dividing tribes like Deuteronomy
The Illuminati is on to me
But my phonetics relentless
dialect of contention
Directly into dissension

Writers: N.Aimless

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