M.a.m.b zay - Cologne

When Dey see us they know that we break rules
Cant get next to her she think that I’m her dude
But it’s still fuck the rules no mean intrude
You can tell I don’t give a fuck I just care bout them blues
Either you win or you lose making the news
Brotha just had got caught so I had to choose
We was just inna Stu he was drankin dat juice
Tryna get that shit off yo mind tryna get loose
Got that shit make a mf snooze
Go to sleep tryna act tuff or coo
Switching the flow just what I do
Nd bitch I’m the shit by the way that I move
Tell that lit nigga hold on Nd slow down
No he tryna act tuff cuz his hoe round
No he tryna act tuff cuz his bro round
Either way it go I might just blow, down
This bitch bust like a rocket
Fuck a rocket it bust out my pocket
My lit song they gon have tik tok it
Talking down on my name like bitch watch it
They like Zay where you go to the top bitch
Every time he hop on its some hot shit
Den right after the hot bet he mop shit
I rock out wit dis mfn Glock bitch
New sights Nd laser no stock bitch
Yo bitch got tasers my bitch’ll drop shit
I came up from robbin Nd scheming that plot shit
You came up on that lit one thot bitch
I’m like come on lit bro get a new profit
Hol up turn that shit up gotta knock dis
Finna be wealthy not rich on at yacht shit
And bitch I do this shit foreal I cannot flop dis
Damn that lit mf clean but you cannot jock dis
Nd damn she don’t know how to act when that fuckin spot hit
She damn zay you outta pocket
She like babby I’m wet change the topic
She like how I smell
I can tell
This ain’t no cologne this shit came from hell
Pussy nigga soft prolly frail
Tryna run off like a snail
Cuz they bullets wet him
Yea them bullets stretch him
I won’t never let him
Talk down on my name in this shit
They be feelin the pain in my shit
Gotta vision nobody could see
Pull da stick out no hide n go seek
Bitch it’s mamb ain’t no he
Don’t give fuck what they talkin you don’t know me
Then again if they do dis shit ain’t even sweet
Polo or pro club get put on tee
Lowk running dat shit up in my sleep
Keep that shit on my brain dis shit deep
Ain’t no more talk my name not a peep
Been down on dick had to hop on my feet
Aiming for g wagons not no Jeeps
Known for get backs we don’t care about grief
Boy fuck a lit Dutch I might roll up a leaf
Nd roll up yo homie he right by my feet
Could really give fucks bout flexing, but I’m getting diamonds all over my teeth
My bitch is finer, and ima be rocking designer all on my feet
Nd das not yo bitch she playing for keeps
Lit boy yous a leach you listen for leaks
Since you wanna leach I gotta lit treat
Scammed his ass made em pay for a meet
I don’t greet, I walk in and take a lit seat
Nd deez niggas Nd bitches be fake, or it's me
I might go outta state, for some weeks

Writers: zay sanders

Lyrics © DistroKid

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