R 0 c - Story (feat. micah lawrence)

If you mess around we
Ima turn it to a crisis
Buss out my watch
I call it perfect timin
Need me a ride or die
But we neva dyin
Gotta get a target
Bussin thru yo eyelid
Gotta get more
Fly than a pilot
Bitch I love to fight
So I beat u violet
Yes I move in private
But I still get violent
Cannibal like Hannibal
Bitch I do it silent
I advise it
dont try it
Bitch u know
Ima do you like a tyrant
Fire hydrant
I need diamonds
I need me a
Private island
And dats my bitch
She a fine pick
Buy a plain Jain
Shorty timeless
Lemme Chime in
Only crime is
How they take his life
He complyin
These men dyin
Just a license
Pussy hide behind his siren
Mothers cryin
The only virus
Is oppression
Of the silenced
Ain’t surprisin
Killins risin
Jus advisin
Not revisin
Skin is not a weapon
Why they use da violence
Can’t come in peace
If they ain’t compromisin
I been down for my dawgs
since a jit bitch
Audemar no Patek
need me some wrist kits
Pray one day
To my name
I get rich kids
Shit scary
Cops carry
I’ll have mixed kids
Cold ass world
Lots of privilege
Textbook praisin white
Cus they photo shopped
the image
Start to finish
Badge a gimmick
For oppression
Thru direction
To diminish

Writers: Liam Megyesi , Micah Descoteaux

Lyrics © DistroKid

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