Ozark henry - La donna è mobile

Josephine I ain't no bonaparte
Love ain't no poetry nor a postal card
I know there's more and what it's for
I can not neglect just what I feel
Do you really want me on my knees
To make your day in many ways
I feel so bad
To see you're Sad
It's easy saying we have lost control
There's no way for us to fit this mould
They broke the mould or it got sold
This isn't news it's only new for me
A different life is gonna set you free
A fals excuse some word abuse
I feel so bad
To see you're Sad
The choices I'm torn between
Have finally got me on my knees
I'm waliking on thin ice
I bleed
A wanted future's closing doors
Although there's nothing I want more
Than to be in each other's dream
Once more

You tell me we're in love
While pointing at the sky
Referring to a star
That has been there quite a while
Then a story follows slow
About a young girl tha was told
Never to grow old
4Presumingly' , she smiles,
'It'someone you should know ,
Someone very close, as close as I am now'
'If I may say' she sighs,
'Love is not a lie , it's something we can buy'
If we only had the time
If we only had a life


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