A b d u l - Golden sunset

Golden bridge sunset. Corner store children explore
The dealers roam, like angels with no halos
I don't know anything anymore
I'm just waiting for the sea to take my soul
Please demons let me go...
Cold Summer Nights, Rest your eyes
Cold Summer Nights, Rest your eyes
Don't lay back for too long, get up, you'll pass out, you're locked out
You've got to move on, don't mourn to long, lost in the ocean...
Water dances when you cleanse your soul
I just wanna sing something very different than you know
Happiness doesn't last forever
But maybe this jump will (Maybe this jump will)
The first time you realize you have no control (Control)
The first time you experience insanity (insanity)
We can never live guilt free (Guilt free)
Stuck in Eternity!

Writers: Abdul Rahman Ghani

Lyrics © DistroKid

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