N.aimless - Speak for the trees

Back in the day I was spitting rap flows
Where the humming fish hum and the grickle-grass grows
The home that I'm staying in in homeostasis
Truffa trees growin' in this beautiful oasis
Spacious, untouched beauty
You must embrace this
One day this dude came through
Acting outrageous
I was meditating
In astral planes indeed
When I heard the whack of an axe on a tree

I fell back through a black hole into 3 dimensional space
Saw this young man taking truffula tufts and weaving shapes
I said
Mister who are you, and
What are you making with the tuft from my tree
He said
Sir I'm the Onceler and I'm making a thneed
A thing that everyone needs
Oh yea? Like who
Sir I'm the Lorax
I speak for the trees the fish in the pond
The birds and the bees, heed the words that I speak
If you chop down the forest then no one can breathe
I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues
He said
Good for you, that's enough, are you done
This is capitalism 101
Find a resource worth money and take til it's gone
And these Thneeds I'm making will make some funds
Plus I brought guns what you gonna do punk

I'm the Lorax, the Lorax I speak for the trees
My home had been invaded by sickness of greed
I fear for the future indeed

He made the land bleed that damn greed
Built a factory and started knocking down the forest like a stampede
I called on my people to stand up
But he brought the fire power
He brought the tear gas
He brought the smoke bombs
He let the dogs out
Smoke smogged out the towers
Muck spewed out of pipes to water
They attacking the sacred water
I pleaded for them to stop
Like, We are made of water
Everyday we bathe in water, pray for water
You know we gotta save the water
But he replied
Save it father
Before ya meet ya grave, don't bother
Trying to stop me unless you wanna be a martyr
I am smarter
I am growth, I am industry
I am synergy
I'm ya inner you, you my inner me
You my enemy, I'm a centipede
For every one of you there's ten of me
And we will chop down every last tree then leave

And that exactly what he intended to do

I'm the Lorax, speak for the trees
My home had been invaded by sickness of greed
I fear for the future indeed
So I'm saving a seed just in case we're
I'm the Lorax, speak for the trees
My homes been invaded by sickness of greed
I speak for the trees

Mad fidgeting blood glistening
Heard a loud whack and the smack sickening
The last truffula, crash vividly, that sinister
Now the magical forest is no more
My homes been transformed into a dump
And I sit all alone on this stump
The very first stump
From the tree he chopped down
When I was up in them clouds
Now the clouds all masked by smog
Billowing out
Filling the lungs of the swans
So I told em get gone, get gone, fly long
The water so toxic the fish had to dip from the pond
What once was a magical forest
Now it ain't fit for a con
Ain't fit for the worms or the crows or the orchids
For the pebbles or the peasants or the tourists
I look around see a forest with no trees
A lake that's lime green
And there sits the Onceler crying, why me
In front of his factory
A monument to the travesty
And I watch as his family and workers all leave
There's no more trees, no more land left to bleed
They all leave, til it's just him, and me

And he looked at me with a look that said
Money can't buy happy
I'll be alone til I'm dead
With a look that said
I beg you to reply
Tell me I told you so
Tell me that you were right
But I didn't say a thing
Not today not tonight
Not this life, not this life
I took a seed from My pocket
Tossed it, hit him in the eye
Then I bounced without saying a thing
Irish goodbye

Writers: Andrew Camilli

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