P. anthony morton - I can't breathe

Thinkin' bout the trouble that's going on
It's getting loud like a thunderstorm
This rain ain't going nowhere
Getting drenched with the pains of life
Feeling like God doesn't even care
But I know He does, I know He does

But I can't breathe
I can't breathe
I can't breathe
I can't breathe, oh

Eric Garner rest in peace
Michael Brown rest in peace
Trayvon Martin rest in peace
Kimani Gray, rest in peace
Kendrec McDade rest in peace
Timothy Russell rest in peace
Ervin Jefferson rest in peace
And George Floyd

This is crazy
Please officer don't shoot
I don't wanna die today
Stop the killing

You don't know me but God showed me that we are the same
This suffocation has to end now these are only a few names
Things can't stay the same
Something's gotta change
Jesus take this pain

Hands up
Hands Up
I Surrender
Hands Up
I can't breathe

Writers: Paul Morton

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